The Watchtower Society: They Don’t Need You to StudyThe Watchtower Society: They Don’t Need You to Study

The Watchtower Book of scriptures and Tract Society consistently reminds Jehovah’s Observers, that they are the best taught individuals on earth. As you read their productions, you will find that references to remaining nearby to the ‘unwavering and circumspect slave’ just as the Administering Body, are steady. To be sure, to isolate yourselves from this self announced collection of Genuine ambassadors, isn’t just a wrongdoing, yet deserving of disfellowshipping (disregarding).

Jehovah’s Observers intensely guarantee that they need you to think about the Book of scriptures every day. They will point to the sign on their distributing structures in Brooklyn, New York that peruses “Read God’s Oath the Blessed Book of scriptures Day by day” as confirmation that they are making a special effort to instruct individuals to think about God’s Statement. You will discover numerous references inside their writing guaranteeing that only they comprehend God’s motivation… also, that they’ve been sent to impart it to the remainder of humankind.

To talk with somebody that is faithful to the Watchtower Society, you would leave trusting they Need an individual to be very instructed on everything otherworldly; that they are studious and energize the majority of their individuals to peruse, just as refine their open talking abilities. As of late, they got rid of their assembly book contemplate night; making a night called ‘family consider night.’ in all actuality, the reason was far not quite the same as that, however that is a subject for another article.

Notwithstanding, for those of us that have spent most of our lives as one of Jehovah’s Observers, you before long discover that ‘consolation’ to think about has parameters that the Watchtower Society plots. That they just support particular sorts of study, just as the prerequisite to think about just writing created by the association. Actually, Jehovah’s Observers are taboo to peruse writing by anybody or any gathering that holds the Watchtower Society in a basic light. Truth be told, to peruse or concentrate such writing would bring about being named an ‘apostate’… also, there is nothing more awful to a Jehovah’s Observer. To be blamed for renunciation among Jehovah’s Observers is a capital punishment. For a long time, the association guaranteed that to try and investigate something without their bearing may result in the ‘indefensible sin.’

The Watchtower Society accepts and transparently instructs that only they comprehend the Holy book; in this manner, there is no motivation to ever peruse other writing! There is so much accentuation set on their special transporters of Book of scriptures understanding, that notwithstanding concentrating the Good book ‘to an extreme’ or ‘without them’ is exceptionally disliked.

Think about a portion of their striking cases… also, these are nevertheless a testing of the message reliably beat into a Jehovah’s Observer:

“Just this association capacities for Jehovah’s motivation and to his recognition. To only it God’s Hallowed Word, the Good book, is certainly not a fixed book,” (Watchtower, July 1, 1973, p. 402)

“We as a whole need assistance to comprehend the Good book, and we can’t locate the Scriptural direction we need outside the ‘steadfast and careful slave’ association,” (Watchtower, Feb. 15, 1981)

“Channel to understanding the Book of scriptures… All who need to comprehend the Good book ought to welcome that the “incredibly broadened shrewdness of God” can end up realized just through Jehovah’s channel of correspondence, the dedicated and circumspect slave,” (Watchtower, Oct. 1, 1994, p. 8).

Furthermore, one MUST investigation the Watchtower magazine:

Through “the devoted and tactful slave,” Jehovah has additionally given the convenient diaries The Watchtower and Conscious! what’s more, other Book of scriptures based distributions. (Matthew 24:45) Constantly concentrating these will strengthen us profoundly. Indeed, we should take the time-‘purchase out the perfect time’- for individual examination. – Watchtower 10/1/1999 p 18

These remarks are resolved to print. They are accessible for everybody to peruse. A sensible individual would quickly feel that every Jehovah’s Observer inside the association is aware of these strong cases, and, by and large, they would be right that most by far have acknowledged these cases. Be that as it may, not many… furthermore, I do mean not very many, comprehend to what profundity the association takes these cases.

In any case, furnished with that essential learning… or then again might I venture to state, necessity, by far most of Jehovah’s Observers don’t ponder anything outside the productions of Jehovah’s Observers. As though that wasn’t sufficiently terrible… the fierce truth is this: most by far of Jehovah’s Observers don’t learn By any stretch of the imagination!

Amid my ten or more years as a senior among Jehovah’s Observers, there was nothing that stunned me more than to discover that not many of them think about. When I state they don’t ponder… I imply that most don’t ponder the Watchtower’s productions.

Many would depend on whatever they heard at gatherings to shape to their whole perspective on God and their own confidence. In the event that they were looked with questions,… questions that on occasion could be critical… they would depend on assembly older folks to instruct them! They would approach older folks and request bearing! The significantly more noteworthy incongruity was that a considerable lot of my kindred older folks were a portion of the most noticeably bad understudies of the Holy book I knew. Not exclusively did they not consider the Good book itself, they didn’t think about the associations distributions!

My brain would simply turn. They guarantee to pursue the Maker and know for all intents and purposes nothing about Him. Those that would ‘think about’ were basically underlining Watchtower distributions. Somebody considered an ‘extraordinary understudy’ would be somebody that opened other Watchtower distributions and included extra tidbits, perspectives or contemplations from those productions! The incongruity is totally lost on them.

As though these elements were insufficient, the Watchtower Society goes further… they really dishearten ANY investigation of the Holy book itself without THEIR course:

“Occasionally, there have emerged from among the positions of Jehovah’s kin those, who, similar to the first Satan, have received an autonomous, critical frame of mind… They state that it is adequate to peruse the Good book only, either alone or in little gatherings at home. Be that as it may, oddly, through such ‘Book of scriptures understanding,’ they have returned appropriate to the renegade precepts that critiques by The Christian world’s church were showing 100 years back… ” (Watchtower, Aug. 15, 1981).

As indicated by the Watchtower Society, an individual can’t endure profoundly without them. The Book of scriptures isn’t sufficient… what’s more, regardless of whether you encouraged yourself on an unfaltering eating routine of Book of scriptures perusing… you would before long bite the dust profoundly!!

“An individual would go into obscurity following two years of perusing the Book of scriptures alone; would be in the light perusing the investigations in the sacred writings alone” Watchtower 9/15/ 4685

On the off chance that your mouth is wide open in stun, you’re not the only one. Envision any individual, association, gathering or any other individual actually saying that the motivated Expression of God isn’t sufficient!?! Strangely, one of the sacred texts they quote the most is 2 Timothy 3:16, 17.

In any case, beside a forceful gathering plan, field administration, family consider evenings, circuit congregations and locale traditions… most of Jehovah’s Observers don’t think about or even read the Book of scriptures.

In the wake of leaving the association, I kept on battling with their picked numbness. It genuinely annoyed me that such a large number of individuals would so effectively hand their brains over to a nondescript association. In October 2013, the issue was intensified when the association reported that the ‘devoted and tactful slave’ was currently made up the eight part Overseeing Body alone.

Their whole lives and character formed by eight men in Brooklyn, New York.

Whenever a Jehovah’s Observer goes to your entryway or endeavors to ‘witness’ to you in any setting… solicit them a couple from straightforward inquiries:

“Have you yourself perused the Book of scriptures spread to cover?”

“Have you yourself perused this magazine, book, tract?”

On the off chance that they don’t fall down in evident shame or falsehood… the appropriate response will in all respects likely stun you.

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